For more than 20 years, the print zine MURDER CAN BE FUN has dedicated itself to the unpleasant, unhealthy, yet oddly gratifying task of reveling in the more sordid and violent side of life. Dead people in Disneyland. Santa Cruz Serial Killers. Molasses Floods. Soccer Riots. And all that other fun stuff. (updated 5/4/11)

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#1-#10 -- all out of print. Sorry--they weren't that good, anyway.

#11 I (heart) Disasters issue, featuring the Boston Molasses Flood, the Port Chicago Explosion, and many other fine mishaps. 32pp -- 1.50

#12 The Art of Murder: Wallace/Qualtrough, cannibal Sawney Beane, murder connosseur Thomas de Quincey, '89 SF quake, book reviews & so on. 32pp -- 1.50

#13 out of print--sorry!

#14 out of print--sorry!

#15 out of print!

#16 Zoo Deaths! A look at the results of what happens when man meets animal in cage plus Lindbergh kidnapping revisionism, the Journal of Foresnics Sciences, and other fun stuff 48 pp. -- $2

#17 Naughty Children 1650-1960: Tales of some of the naughtiest children ever, all from the days when kids supposedly were seen not heard. Train wreckers, kidnappers, child killers -- you name it, the little monsters did it. 48 pp. -- $2

#18 Sports Thrills: Bizarre & bloody tales that you won't read in the sports section. Soccer riots, dead football players, extinct basketball teams. And you wont believe waht happend to budget minded fans as the 1900 Cal/Stanford football game. 48 pp. -- $2

MCBF PRESENTS: ANTI SEX TIPS FOR TEENS--THE TEEN ADVICE BOOK, 1897 - 1987: A look at all the misguided advice manuals for adolescents, from victorian times to Pat Boone to Ask Beth. 36pp -- sorry, out of print!

#19 Musical Mayhem: The unbelievably sick saga of western swing star Spade Cooley, plus the David Cassidy concert stampede, the end of Richard Manuel, and other appropriately tunefull tales. 48 pp -- $2

#20 KINDA NEW!! A MCBF Miscellany, including a revised & improved "Death At Disneyland," the Denture Murder Case, Campanile Suicides, plus more the the usual. 48 pp -- $2

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